The Beginning of an Adventure…

The Beginning of an Adventure...It’s June 2018 and we’ve decided to start the process of house-hunting and relocating to France.

Of course, such big steps are rarely so defined. In some ways, the ideas behind The French Hideout have been with us for years. We’ve always discussed emigration as a couple, and we’ve both shared a discontentment with conventional 9 to 5 careers. That struggle with the daily routine of working for someone else has driven us to start businesses, take career breaks and travel extensively in search of a better way of living.

But just as our journey here has been a long time coming, we also know there are many hard months ahead of us. The long process of planning, budgeting, saving, downsizing and house hunting lies ahead before any definitive progress will really be made.

But we’ve made the decision; formed a plan and started the process. And that feels like an awfully big achievement.

The next couple of years will undoubtedly present many hurdles; from finances to planning laws, to the big Brexit unknown. And those are just the bumps along the way that we can predict. We expect there’ll be many more obstacles to overcome. But there’s also much to be excited about, and we’ll be sharing every step of our adventure on the blog.

We know that there are many others who’ve started a new life in France before us, and plenty that will come after us too. By sharing our experiences we hope to help others out along the way, just as we’ve benefitted from trailblazers before us. We’ll be covering everything from budgets to bricklaying, property hunts to planning and much more besides.

The Beginning of an Adventure...And the reason we’re doing all of this is to find our little slice of French rural tranquillity. With The French Hideout, we want to build a new home and life for ourselves. We want to find a way to live more cheaply, sustainably and simply. It’s also really important for us to work for ourselves and break the dependence on a conventional 9 to 5 office job.

Achieving this for us will mean creating a relaxing haven from modern life; a space to pursue our hobbies and interests and escape traditional work routines. We want to make The French Hideout a relaxing B&B retreat from the world: a place for guests to escape and unwind. We’d love to see it become a centre for baking, reading, writing, painting, meditating, hiking… and whatever else our guests love but don’t have time for in their daily lives.

However, all that’s a long way off. Our journey is just beginning and we’ve many months ahead of us. But for now, the most important step has just been taken!