We’re Liam and Nick; a married couple from the UK searching for a new home and life in rural France. We met in 2010 and since then have travelled the world together; backpacking our way across four continents.

Travel has always been a big passion for us. We love experiencing new places, cultures, foods and landscapes. The freedom of travel is something that we both crave and strive to achieve within our normal day-to-day life.

In 2015 we converted a little Fiat Doblo into a campervan. It’s a real testimony to how you can make a small space work for you. We fitted a pull-out bed/bench seat, kitchen area, cool box and electric hook-up in to the back. Our van has taken us all over Devon and the south west of England. It’s also made two trips to France for camping trips in Normandy and Brittany.

Emigration has always been something we’ve talked about as a couple. The world is such a big place with so much to experience. There have been so many places that we’ve travelled to that we could easily see ourselves living. We love the dramatic beauty of New Zealand, the energy of Budapest, the attitude and outlook of Canada and the spirituality of Japan. But Europe, and France, in particular, have always had an appeal.

We love French cuisine, the beautiful and varied landscapes, and, of course, the people. We started our honeymoon in Nice and the French Riviera and it’s always been our go-to holiday destination. France is also a very practical place to base ourselves; with short flights back to friends and family in the UK, a great climate and a language that we have some foundation in.

With The French Hideout, we want to build a new life for ourselves in France. We’ll be searching the south-west of the country for a rural property, ideally with a small patch of land and some outbuildings. From this base, we want to develop a small B&B business; providing guests with a relaxed escape from modern life.

Over time we plan to renovate any outbuildings at the property to provide further accommodation, leisure or business spaces. We’ll also be working on the land to grow our own produce and live more sustainably and self-sufficiently.

For us, The French Hideout is about taking a different path from the conventional 9 to 5 office routine and finding a simpler, happier life in the French countryside. We’ll be learning the language, renovating rural outbuildings, freelancing and working to become part of a new community.

The French Hideout blog documents our adventure and covers every step of the journey. We’ll be writing about our research process, budgeting and finance, travel, property hunting, planning and legal considerations, Brexit, our renovations, and all our discoveries, mistakes and successes along the way.

Liam & Nick
The French Hideout