Our French Renovation Project

The French Hideout is our search for a corner of rural France where we can learn how to live modern life on our terms. We’re looking for a rural property, ideally a house requiring upgrading and modernisation, with some outbuildings and a small plot of land. We plan to develop the main house as a B&B business, and then in the longer term convert any outbuildings to secondary accommodation and a business space.

Over time we want to become more self-sufficient by growing our own food and taking charge of our work life.

Escaping the 9 to 5 office routine is a big part of our motivation and so it’s really important that The French Hideout enables us to work for ourselves. Through freelancing and taking the opportunity to start businesses around our skills and interests we want to make money doing the things we love.


We’re Liam and Nick and we’re embarking on an adventure to find the perfect rural retreat in France. We’ll be sharing our achievements, discoveries and mistakes as we try and start a new life and business in the French countryside.

A Simpler Life

Many of us dream of a better life; enjoying a good work-life balance, spending more time with loved ones and having the time to pursue hobbies and interests. We’ve lived the simple life before; backpacking around the world with little money, few possessions and free from the routine of the 9 to 5 career. We want to take the freedom of travel and bring it to the everyday. Our goal is to live more simply, downsize our home and possessions, spend more time outdoors and reclaim our work life. So we’re leaving our comfortable life in England behind to chase the dream of a happier, simpler way of living in France.

Staying at The French Hideout

We want to share the dream of The French Hideout with others. Our hope is that we can create a relaxing space for guests to unwind, switch off and enjoy the good life. We want The French Hideout to become a rural retreat; a place to escape the pressures of modern life and do more of whatever you enjoy. Our own passions are baking, writing, painting, hiking and kayaking, and we want to create a space where all this and more is possible: a place where the pursuit of relaxation and happiness becomes the everyday.

Find out more about us, our travels and what inspired our search for The French Hideout on the about page.

Latest Updates

Buying in France: Establishing A Search Criteria

Buying in France: Establishing A Search Criteria

To help narrow down the search it’s important to think about what matters most to you in the move and how this affects where you might base yourself.

French Regions & Departments: Planning Where to Buy

French Regions & Departments: Planning Where to Buy

France is a large country, roughly three times the size of the UK, and the third largest European country by area. The size of France makes it too challenging to try and learn about every area in one go and working on a smaller geography is necessary.

Why We’re Moving to France

Why We’re Moving to France

When we decided we wanted to start a new life abroad, inevitably there were lots of possible destinations in the running. Many countries ticked one or more of our boxes, but France is the only place that really met all of our needs. Here’s why…


We’re happy to answer any questions we can about moving to France. We’d also love to hear from anyone else relocating or renovating, in France, or anywhere else for that matter!

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